LIFE FALKON at 3rdNatura 2000 seminar!

Between the 4th and 7th May the 3rd Seminar of Natura 2000  for the Mediterranean Region took place online, hosted by the Italian Regione Calabria and the Sila National Park.

The Seminar is part of the Natura 2000 Biogeographic Process, launched in 2011 by the European Commission, and aimed to promote knowledge exchange, networking and cooperation on Natura 2000 related issues among interventions sites from different mediterranean regions.

Specifically, the third seminar edition aims for the identification, prioritization and development of transboundary cooperative actions for species and habitats protection.

Within the frame of this seminar, on May 6th a virtual ‘knowledge market’ was organized, where the floor was offered to current projects implemented and\or being implemented in the Mediterranean region. 

LIFE Falkon was invited to take part in the virtual discussion. The LIFE FALKON Project Manager,  Michelangelo Morganti (CNR-IRSA), presented the project in all its aspects, from the general mission to the latest achievements and findings.

The knowledge market provided interesting opportunities to share experiences, networking with other organizations and discuss the conservation of habitats and species in the Natura 2000 network.

During this meeting, LIFE FALKON had the opportunity to meet other LIFE projects and verify how wide are the common interests and objectives across LIFEs. 

Among others, LIFE STEPPE FARMING  and LIFE OLIVARES VIVOS share an interest on the target species; with  LIFE OREKA MENDIAN we share an effort to meeting sustainable management and nature conservation and with LIFE LAGOON REFRESH as it is work in an area close up to LIFE FALKON Project Area 1. 

All of us united in the common effort of preserving Nature in the years to come…!


13 May 2021

Beneficiary coordinator


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