CNR-IRSA National Research Council – Water Research Institute

The National Research Council (in acronym CNR) is the largest Italian public research body, directly supervised by the Ministry of University and Research. The CNR has the task of carrying out, promoting, disseminating, transferring and enhance scientific and technological research activities in the main sectors of knowledge development and their applications, promoting scientific, technological, economic and social progress. According to the scientific journal Nature, in 2018 the institution was ranked tenth among the most innovative public research institutions in the world for the number of scientific articles published in about eighty journals monitored by the same journal. The central headquarters of CNR is based in Rome but the institution is composed of 106 research institutes distributed all over Italy and with a wide range of research stations all over the world.

The Water Research Institute since 1968 has the mission to develop systems and researches focused on water management and quality check. In the last two decades widen its mission to include the study of biodiversity and the management conservation projects. Nowadays, IRSA has accumulated vast experience in both management and participation in a range of European projects of different kinds (LIFE, HORIZON) and LIFE FALKON is the most recent of these. LIFE FALKON is directed from the headquarters of IRSA of Brugherio (Project Management) and Rome (Financial Administration).



Michelangelo Morganti

General Project Manager

Via del Mulino 19, 20861 Brugherio (MB)


Andrea Sbrilli

Financial Coordinator

Strada Provinciale 35d, km 0,700 – 00010, Montelibretti (RM)

Country: Italy



European Association for Local Democracy

ALDA – The European Association for Local Democracy is an organisation dedicated to the promotion of good governance and citizen participation at the local level. ALDA was established in 1999 at the initiative of the Council of Europe to coordinate and support a network of Local Democracy Agencies promoting good governance and local self-government in the Neighbourhood areas.

ALDA has become a key stakeholder in the field of local democracy, good governance, active citizenship, and cooperation between local authorities and civil society. In the framework of promoting good governance and citizen participation at the local level, ALDA focuses on various themes, such as European integration, decentralisation, civic initiatives and volunteering, environment, human rights and sustainable economic development. ALDA is a membership-based organisation gathering more than 300 members (including local authorities, associations of local authorities and civil society organisations) coming from more than 40 countries.

ALDA as LIFE FALKON associated is the coordinator of the communication actions and it particularly contributes to the project by facilitating awareness raising processes on the lesser kestrel and its conservation measures and by disseminating and effectively transferring the project’s results amongst key stakeholders.


Sofia Caiolo – PM in charge of the LIFE FALKON Project –
Irene Zanetti – Head of the Communication Department of ALDA –
Elisabetta Uroni – Communication Officer –

Country: France



Istituto Superiore per la Protezione e la Ricerca Ambientale

The Italian Institute for Environmental Protection and Research, ISPRA (Istituto Superiore per la Protezione e la Ricerca Ambientale), works with numerous European and international environmental scientific and technical institutes and organizations, in the implementation of its institutional mandate and in cooperation with the Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea (MATTM), the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry (MIPAAF) and the Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR).

The Institute contributes to strengthen the presence of the national environmental protection agencies system within the context of the international cooperation.

Within the context of the European Union, ISPRA fulfill its reporting obligations provided by the Community legislation (Directives and Regulations) with the transmission of information, data and reports to the European Commission and with the participation in European working groups.

ISPRA participates in numerous European projects funded by European Union Programmes relating to research and development, information sharing, training and capacity building (FP7, LIFE, ENPI) and a number of international initiatives with the participation of its experts to work groups and scientific and technical committees. ISPRA hosts and organizes events, international meetings and study visits of delegations of foreign scientists and experts interested in the technical and scientific activities of the Institute.


Jacopo G. Cecere
Area per l’Avifauna Migratrice (BIO-AVM)
Istituto Superiore per la Protezione e la Ricerca Ambientale (ISPRA)
Via Ca’ Fornacetta 9 I-40064 Ozzano dell’Emilia, Bologna, Italy

tel: +39 051 6512223
Skype: jacopo_cecere

Country: Italy



Hellenic Ornithological Society

The Hellenic Ornithological Society (HOS) is a non-governmental conservation organisation focusing on the study and protection of wild birds and their habitats, as integral elements of Greek Nature.
Since 1982 we strive to safeguard a sustainable environment where birds and people may live in harmony. We study and protect wild birds, work towards the conservation of Important Bird Areas in Greece, raise public awareness, enhance environmental education, as well as advocate and intervene in environmental policy.
HOS is a partner of BirdLife International, the largest global partnership for the conservation of wild birds and their habitats.

Country: Greece



Università degli Studi di Milano

UMIL is one of the largest public universities in Italy, whose interests span from the humanities to the hard sciences. UMIL has a long-standing interest in the biological and ecological disciplines. The activities planned by LIFE FALKON will be supervised by the recently constituted (April 2017) UMIL Department of Environmental Science and Policy (ESP). There, a wide range of advanced research activities in environmental sciences are performed: from curiosity-driven basic science disciplines to investigations into the molecular basis of life. The scientific interests of the Department ESP are directed towards understanding environmental issues from different perspectives. They include the study of biodiversity and its environmental determinants and study of human-environment interactions. The Department ESP promotes high quality scientific research through the recruitment of the best young and established researchers in their fields, the multidisciplinary integration of the capacities it hosts, the provision of cutting-edge technical facilities and through the development of collaborations with top scientific institutions in Italy and abroad as well as with the private and business sectors. The products of the Department’s research are often featured in top-ranking scientific journals and conferences and the high quality of the research performed is underlined by the fact that our researchers are regularly funded by national and international, public and private, funding bodies. The Department ESP hosts a ‘Behavioural and Evolutionary Ecology’ research unit, to which the UMIL LIFE FALKON scientific supervisor, Prof. Diego Rubolini, belongs. The research interests of this unit include the ecology and conservation of avian species in a changing world, with special reference to the investigation of global change responses.


Diego Rubolini
Dipartimento di Scienze e Politiche Ambientali
Università degli Studi di Milano
via Celoria 26 I-20133 Milano, Italy

tel. (W): +39 02 503 14718
Skype: rubolins

Country: Italy


Beneficiary coordinator


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