20 April 2021

  online meeting

LIFE FALKON meets DEMA primilla

A technical meeting in which the LIFE FALKON team will meet DEMA Primilla (www.demaprimilla.org) and discuss the fosterage of lesser kestrel in artificial environments, aimed at population reinforcement or research purposes.

  22 December 2019

  Mirandola (MO)

Winter conference at the SOM: LIFE FALKON among the invited speakers!

As every year, SOM/Cisniar is celebrating the winter with a party and a scientific conference about conservation of local birdlife and biodiversity. As in 2018, LIFE FALKON is again among the invited speakers, this time with the students that did their research work within the LIFE FALKON framework in the field campaign 2019.


Leaflet of the event at the SOM of the 22 Dec 2019

  26 November 2019


Communications webinar for LIFE beneficiaries

Life FALKON Communication Team will participate to the Webinar on communications best practices.

Subjects covered will include:
☑️sharing best practices from the LIFE community with new project beneficiaries
☑️setting out formal communication requirements
☑️providing a set of references for further information
☑️establishing contact / working relationships with the programme-level communications

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Agenda and registration ➡️ https://europa.eu/!cr97DN

  26 August 2019

  Cluj-Napoca (Romania)

LIFE FALKON at the European Congress of Ornithology


  10 September 2019

  ISPRA - Ozzano dell'Emilia (Bologna)

Technical meeting – Projecting the nesting towers for Lesser Kestrels of the Po Plain

  25 September 2019

  Naples (Italy)

LIFE FALKON at the Italian Congress of Ornithology


  14 February 2019

  Mirandola (MO)

Technical meeting – Municipality of Mirandola (MO)

  12 February 2019


LIFE FALKON – First Monitoring Visit

On 12th February 2019, the 1st Monitoring visit will be held for the LIFE FALKON Project at TECLA’s premises in Rome. The visit will be structured in two sessions, with the representative of the NEEMO external Team, Mrs. Chiara SPOTORNO, assessing both the Project technical and financial progress and the administrative documentation produced by the consortium. All partners will attend the meeting.

  8 November 2018


LIFE17 Kick-off meeting NATURE in Brussels

The LIFE FALKON Project has attended the Kick-Off Meeting for NAT and GIE LIFE17 projects on 8 and 9 November 2018 in Brussels. The aim of the meeting, organized by the European Commission, Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME), was to provide the beneficiaires with an overview of the relevant policy topics, the LIFE Programme rules, the interaction with EASME and the role of the external monitoring team in project implementation. Financial and technical issues, as well as project reporting, dissemination and communication matters, were discussed.

This Kick-Off Meeting was also used as a networking platform among the participating projects sharing common priority areas. LIFE FALKON participated in Group III dedicated to Birds & Environmental Crime.

Beneficiary coordinator


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