Expected results

Expected results:

  • Installation of 400 nest boxes distributed among the various project areas (200 in Greece and 200 in Italy);
  • Construction of 5 nesting towers in the Project Area of the Central-Eastern Po Valley (Northern Italy);
  • Promotion of the use of artificial nesting structures through the release of 90 chicks (30 per year) at one of the Italian nesting towers, by hacking technique;
  • Awareness raising of the problem of kestrel conservation and agricultural ecosystems among students, citizens and stakeholders in the Project Areas;
  • Connection with national and international expert community active in the conservation of the lesser kestrel and agricultural ecosystems;
  • Promotion of RDP measures to promote the species among agricultural operators and their trade associations;
  • Promotion of construction and renovation measures suitable for kestrel nesting among builders’ associations, architects and technical offices of local administrations;
  • Dissemination of best practices and projects developed by LIFE FALKON for their future replicability in new areas of intervention.

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