In the context of its networking activity (E4 Action), LIFE FALKON project promotes the exchange of information, experiences and good practices concerning the conservation status of the population of Lesser Kestrel at the north-eastern edge of its breeding range in Italy and Greece.

Projects with similar objectives to LIFE FALKON

“Lesser Kestrel Recovery” Project – LIFE11 NAT/BG/360
Conservation and management of the Lesser Kestrel Falco naumanni* at three SPA sites  – LIFE11 NAT/GR/1011
LIFE Against Bird Crime Project – Delivering the EU Biodiversity Strategy: Awareness and Capacity Building against Bird Crime in Priority Flyway – Countries – LIFE17 GIE/NL/000599
   LIFE-IP 4 NATURA project  – Integrated actions for the conservation and management of Natura 2000 sites, species, habitats and ecosystems in Greece – LIFE16 IPE/GR/000002
  LIFE PRIMED Project – Restoration, management and valorisation of PRIority habitats of MEDiterranean coastal areasLIFE17 NAT/GR/000511
  LIFE Bonelli EastMed – Conservation & Management of the Bonelli’s eagle population in east Mediterranean – LIFE17 NAT/GR/000514


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