YOUNG LESSER KESTRELS EQUIPPED WITH GPS: follow them on animal tracker!

In July 2023, eight young lesser kestrels were equipped with new-generation GPS/GSM and released at the LIFE FALKON tower of Minerbio/Baricella (BO). A similar research had already been carried out in 2021, but the novelty is that the movements of these birds can be now followed on-live by anyone, simply  using their smartphone: just download the AnimalTracker app and search for FALKON1, FALKON2 etc up to FALKON8. 

After the first few weeks spent near the tower, around mid-August, the birds began to move on, reaching cool, insect-filled upland areas in late summer. 

During the last week of September, the first kestrel left for Africa: good luck on this long and dangerous journey!





















31 July 2023

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