Promote sustainable agricolture with the LIFE FALKON beer!

We are pleased to announce to you the Lesser Kestrel Beer born from the cooperation between the LIFE FALKON project and the Milvus Brewery.

The Lesser Kestrel is a straw-yellow coloured beer, highly-fermented, fruity and spicy but at the same time dry and thirst-quenching. Brewed and consumed by farmers in the harvesting season, this beer comes from the wheat crops used as hunting grounds by the Lesser Kestrel in the Po Plain.

Here, LIFE FALKON contributes to the long term conservation of the Lesser Kestrel not only providing safe nesting sites, but also promoting farming practices that helps to marry economical rentability with nature conservation. This beer reminds all of us that the way in which we produce our food is shaping the planet and that we should move towards a sustainable economy.

Produced with the durum wheat grown by the Farming Society Martini of Poggio Rusco (Mantua) in front of one of the LIFE FALKON nesting towers in northern Italy, and then brewed in Lucania in the southern breeding areas of the species, this beer represents a unique connection between the two ranges of the Lesser Kestrel.

The Milvus Brewery is a local brewery located in the province of Potenza in the South of Italy. Born from a passionate and professional group of friends, since 2016 they are experiencing and growing in the world of hand-crafted beers. But not only beers. Another great passion of brewery owners is nature, inspiring them to name the brewery Milvus which is the scientific name of the red kite (Milvus milvus), an emblematic raptor of the Lucanian region. As well, the name each of the beers is also inspired by different species of birds! 

From December 2021, the Lesser Kestrel beer takes part of this wonderful list thanks to this important collaboration with the LIFE FALKON project!  

Support sustainable agriculture and LIFE FALKON conservation actions in the Po Plain! 


22 November 2021

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