Networking for the Lesser Kestrel in Greece!

Educational activities for the Lesser Kestrel in Lemnos, Ioannina and Komotini

While Lesser Kestrels are preparing for their return to the Mediterranean, educators from all levels of education are working to make sure they will feel more than welcome upon arrival.

More than 65 professional educators participated in the educational webinar that took place on Mon. 22nd February 2021 under the LIFE Falkon Project. During the seminar that was organised by HOS/BirdLife Greece with the collaboration of the Directorates of Primary and Secondary Education of Rhodope, Lesvos and Ioannina, participants had the opportunity to learn more about the Lesser Kestrel and were also introduced to fun and creative educational activities focused on the study and protection of this endangered bird species.

The response from the educational community was very positive, with the majority of the participants expressing their willingness to launch HOS’ educational programme for the endangered falcon in their schools. By doing so, each class becomes part of the larger “protection network” being set up with schools from Ioannina, Komotini and Lesvos!

The first activities are already under way: on Thursday 4th March, HOS’ dedicated field Team for the LIFE Falkon Program installed wooden nest boxes in front of 60 enthusiastically observing pupils from the Primary School of Neo Sidiroxwrio, in the Municipality of Komotini, who are now eagerly anticipating their feathered roommate to arrive.  On Wednesday 10th March, during HOS’ online visit to the 21st Primary School of Ioannina, 32 second-grade students wore especially designed masks and acted as male and female Lesser Kestrels while they were being informed about the importance of protecting wildlife and especially the falcon-symbol of the agricultural areas of the Greek countryside. The pupils participated very actively, raising dozens of questions but also made a promise: to keep their eyes up high in the sky to be the ones who spot first their long-distance friends.

Stay tuned for more activities from the School Network for the Protection of the Lesser Kestrel!



28 February 2021

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