Nestbox installation in the Po Plain

The LIFE FALKON staff has concluded the installation of 200 nestboxes for Lesser Kestrel in the project area located in the Po Plain, between Mantova and Comacchio.

A hundred nestboxes were installed on 18 buildings for which formal agreements with landowners were formerly signed. Buildings without the availability of other proper nesting sites were selected, to improve their suitability for the species. Another hundred nestboxes were installed on 19 power lines, thanks to a collaboration with Enel-distribuzione. Nestboxes sites were located within or near Natura2000 network, to improve connectivity within sites in an area considered of crucial importance for the northern expansion of the lesser kestrel.

The colonization of these nestboxes by the species will hopefully buffer the threats caused by the destruction of old decaying buildings in which natural colonies occur.

24 November 2020

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