Nesting tower for lesser kestrel of the Po Plain



Not only nest boxes: LIFE FALKON is fostering the recovery and the expansion of the northern population of lesser kestrel with the construction of small buildings entirely dedicated to the species! Tens of these towers had been edified in Iberia in the last twenty years (so-called ‘primillares’ from the Spanish name of the lesser kestrel, cernícalo primilla), and effectively supported the lesser kestrel recovery in the region. We are confident that this will also occur in the Po Plain thanks to LIFE FALKON towers! The external design of the LIFE FALKON towers has been harmonized to the local architecture, while fitting all the needs for the species. Internally, each tower will host 22 nest boxes, with the possibility to install remote-cameras for nesting surveillance or research purposes.  To guarantee their long-lasting life, the towers will remain as property of local landowners or associations that has signed an agreement with LIFE FALKON and assure the maintenance of the building for at least 20 years.

Last but not least, each tower will be dedicated to local personalities that brought significant contributions to environmental protection and ornithological research.

Building projects of the LIFE FALKON nesting towers for lesser kestrel

December 2019: The Spanish NGO Demaprimilla is assembling the nesting boxes for Italian and Greek LIFE FALKON’s intervention areas 

20 December 2019

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