Meeting with municipalities and land owners about the construction of nesting towers

The 14th of February, ISPRA and UMIL meet up with the technical offices of the municipalities of Mirandola in Emilia-Romagna and Poggio Rusco in Lombardia (both located within the LIFE FALKON project area) presenting the first draft of the blueprint of nesting towers and discussing possible technical solutions and potential locations where building them.

The major of Mirandola, who attended the meeting together with his technicians, clearly shows his enthusiasm about LIFE FALKON project and assured future long-lasting sustain to the project, as well as the major of Poggio Rusco did during a previous meeting. All technicians, both from Mirandola and Poggio Rusco municipalities, provided useful information, including the suggestion of an area, located within the Natura2000 site IT4040014 – Valli Mirandolesi, for the construction of one nesting tower. After the meeting, ISPRA did a survey of the area together with a technician of Mirandola.


14 February 2019

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