First batch of nest boxes installed in Baricella (BO), Italy

LIFE FALKON has provided safe nesting sites for 15 pairs of Lesser Kestrel in Baricella (BO), where one of the most important colonies of the entire Po-Plain was threatened by the restoration of the building in which most of the pairs were breeding. LIFE FALKON purchased cutting-edge nest-boxes from a Spanish association, DEMA, which in the last two decades developed the ‘optimal’ nest-boxes for our target species. DEMA developed their experience also in the framework of other LIFE project, the LIFE ZEPAURBAN, based in Extremadura (Spain). Made in cork, covered with natural lime, equipped with ventilation slots and having a special structure that prevent the excessive accumulation of organic material in the bottom, these nest boxes will be the ideal site for the Baricella colonies of Lesser Kestrels for many years to come. LIFE FALKON is concretely saving the northernmost colonies of Lesser Kestrel since now!


15 February 2019

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