LIFE FALKON presents the results of field research campaigns at the CNR in Milan

On October 1st, the results dissemination event entitled “The research on the lesser kestrel in the Po Valley: the results of the campaigns LIFE FALKON 2018-2021” was held in Milan at the Expo Hall of the Research Area of the CNR in Città Studi.

The event focused on the presentation of the latest research carried out within the LIFE FALKON project, including an open debate to discuss achieved results and ongoing progress. 

The conference was opened by the project manager Michelangelo Morganti (CNR), who introduced to the participants the genesis and the objectives of the LIFE FALKON project, and enclosed the participation of Fondazione Cariplo, one of the funders  of the project.

Subsequently, the scientific coordinators of the project, Prof. Diego Rubolini from University of Milan and Jacopo Cecere from ISPRA, intervened in the conference. During the day of intense activities, which lasted from 9 am to 6 pm, the results of the researches linked to the preparatory actions of the project were presented: from the monitoring of the wild population and the study of the breeding habitat selection, to the important research on lesser kestrels movements carried out with GPS instruments and the impressive genetic sampling that compared the populations of lesser kestrels from all over the world. 

One session of the conference was dedicated to the presentation of the conservation actions carried out within the LIFE FALKON project, including the research and design of different models of nest boxes and nesting towers. After, the results of the monitoring on the effectiveness of these actions were presented.

Finally, a space was dedicated to the ‘twin’ projects of LIFE FALKON, with particular attention to the lesser kestrel project that ISPRA and University of Milan have been carrying out in Matera for several years and that partly coincides with the activities of LIFE FALKON. 

It was also an opportunity for several master and PhD students of the network of LIFE FALKON to test their skills and present their research to an audience of specialists.

The event concluded with a time for debate and networking among more than 30 participants.




5 October 2021

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