The 2nd European Meeting of Young Ornithologists #EMYO2018 – 26-28/10/2018

Photo by Susanne Jaehnig

On 26-28 October the 2nd European Meeting of Young Ornithologists was held in Turin (Italy) thanks to the collaboration of the Centro Italiano Studi Ornitologi (CISO), the Hessische Gesellschaft für Ornithologie und Naturschutz (HGON), the Gruppo Piemontese Studi Ornitologici “F.A. Bonelli” ONLUS (GPSO), Dipartimento di Scienze della Vita e Biologia dei Sistemi dell’Università di Torino (DBIOS), and the European Ornithologists’ Union (EOU). Our representative Dr. Michelangelo Morganti attended the event and – for the first time – the LIFE FALKON Project was presented to a wider audience! Dr. Morganti reported the recent trend of Lesser Kestrel in the Po Plain, and the first exploration of their foraging habitat preferences. To know more about the event, have a look at the programme following this link.

26 October 2018

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