Meeting with Parmigiano Reggiano Consortium

On 15th December, LIFE FALKON ‘flew’ to Reggio Emilia, to the headquarters of the worldwide known Consortium of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese. The Consortium unites over 2,000 farmers in the Po Valley and regulates the production of the famous cheese. 

It was a technical meeting, designed to discuss with the productive world the possibility of promoting at the Consortium level the good practices studied by LIFE FALKON for agriculture, as well as to study new measures to improve biodiversity in production areas. In fact, LIFE FALKON’s research has shown how the mix of alfalfa and cereals typical of the Consortium’s area favours the Lesser Kestrel and other farmland bird species, especially in comparison with the maize-growing areas in the rest of the Po plain. At the same time, we also realised that there is much room for improvement in land management, even in areas that are already well managed.

The meeting was attended by a number of technical partners: the University of Eastern Piedmont, Coldiretti (one of the major farmer’s association in both Modena and Reggio Emilia), a number of freelancers, a representative of the CRPA Study and Research Foundation, a representative of the Emilia Romagna Region and a representative of Slow Food Italy. 

With Slow Food, we have already fixed a new appointment: on 18 January 2024 we will again be in Reggio Emilia where the well-known association will present its new project on the biodiversity of permanent grassland, LIFE FALKON will be there to pass on the know-how we built over these years.

Agricultural biodiversity, here we come!

15 December 2023

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