LIFE FALKON After Life Plan

And what happens afterwards? 

This is the question that is intended to be answered by the ambitious document called After LIFE Plan, an action plan to support the objectives of the LIFE FALKON project in the five years following the formal closure of the project, i.e. the period 2024-2028. 

The plan consists of an analysis of the results obtained and the critical issues encountered during LIFE FALKON, then establishing a set of objectives for the period 2024-2028, and, finally, declining these objectives into concrete actions. 

The After LIFE period cannot receive funding from the European Commission, so the activities will partly rely on the energy and funds made available by the Beneficiaries, and on collaborations with local entities, built up during the course of the project. 

Seven objectives have been identified, among which are to maintain the monitoring of the lesser kestrel populations and of the installations realised by LIFE FALKON, to preserve and consolidate the network of contacts with local stakeholders, and to keep the project communication channels active for at least 5 years, including the website. 

The objectives will be realised through 13 actions, 7 practical and 6 related to communication, for a total investment by the partners of about 90K Euro.

Click here to download the After LIFE plan (ENG version):


1 December 2023

Beneficiary coordinator


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