CNR-IRSA National Research Council – Water Research Institute

The National Research Council (in acronym CNR) is the largest Italian public research body, directly supervised by the Ministry of University and Research. The CNR has the task of carrying out, promoting, disseminating, transferring and enhance scientific and technological research activities in the main sectors of knowledge development and their applications, promoting scientific, technological, economic and social progress. According to the scientific journal Nature, in 2018 the institution was ranked tenth among the most innovative public research institutions in the world for the number of scientific articles published in about eighty journals monitored by the same journal. The central headquarters of CNR is based in Rome but the institution is composed of 106 research institutes distributed all over Italy and with a wide range of research stations all over the world.

The Water Research Institute since 1968 has the mission to develop systems and researches focused on water management and quality check. In the last two decades widen its mission to include the study of biodiversity and the management conservation projects. Nowadays, IRSA has accumulated vast experience in both management and participation in a range of European projects of different kinds (LIFE, HORIZON) and LIFE FALKON is the most recent of these. LIFE FALKON is directed from the headquarters of IRSA of Brugherio (Project Management) and Rome (Financial Administration).



Michelangelo Morganti

General Project Manager

Via del Mulino 19, 20861 Brugherio (MB)


Andrea Sbrilli

Financial Coordinator

Strada Provinciale 35d, km 0,700 – 00010, Montelibretti (RM)

Country: Italy


Beneficiary coordinator


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